Can I use my exchange ticket in order to get a transfer edition of RARE prize ?

We know that there is such a demand. However, the transfer edition rare prize is not a situation we can recommend to users. It is a risk of loss. Also, there is no backup when broken. We think the rare prizes we produce are far more complicated and worth compared to commons. We do not want to see someone mourn by losing or breaking. We want to provide something that can be enjoyed for a long time with peace of mind.

On the other hand, objectively, your request is justified. There are surely things of a kind that can not be realized unless it is a transferable entity. So we will accept the request if you obey the following terms.

  1. Once exchanged for transfer edition, it can not be replaced again with copy edition or exchange ticket. This principle is unchanged even if the owner changes.
  2. anhelo will not take responsibility for any transactions derived from you.
  3. You must follow all responsibilities for transactions derived from you.
  4. You must specify clearly that you are the person responsible for transaction. And have to respond to questions or inquiries from those who obtained it. Also, you need to prohibit users from contacting anhelo.
  5. You must make your own licenses and guidelines which meet these all terms.

Which prizes are eligible?

  • G03 - 01 : yatai
  • G04 - 01 : van
  • G04 - 02 : complete engine
  • G05 - 01 : car
  • G06 - 01 : house

[note] G02 - 01 : house » Its structure depends on REZZER, so it is impossible to create a transfer edition.

How can I exchange?

Contact to fk0724 and send your exchange ticket please.