We are planning to release re-texture kit for M30

Hello, everyone!
How are you today?

Have you got M30 yet?

Because M30's UV Maps are much more complicated than M28, we think that it must be too difficult for 3rd parties to make textures.

UV Map of M30 sidecar part

So we are planning to release re-texture kit (texture mods) for M30, and accepting your requests on my twitter now.

This re-texture is ONLY FOR BODY, does not contain engine, tires, and wheels. Our M30 engine, tires, and wheels are originally dirty so we do not make textures which looks like a new car. It might fit for vintage looks, rusty, military looks, and so on ….

Some of my followers and I are trying which color fits for M30.

Do you want to try with us?

Please reply to this tweet!