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Coffee Break - Scene II


I try to focus on what is beautiful in my life.

..::ILLI::.. Unrigged Modern Roman Sandal @TMD
Casual Blazer M2_Fullpack (Gianni)@TMD
Tee_ Casual Blazer M2 (Gianni)@TMD

Cut Off Shorts_FULLPACK (Signat.)
BRIEFS/BELT Original Jeans M2 (Signature)

(Milk Motion) c88 march 2018 - The meadow @C88
(Milk Motion) meadow house

(Milk Motion) MAIN STORE
-[anhelo] FLF March 2, 2018

--ANHELO-M47BA-182GA :: Fairy tea time (basket)
--ANHELO-M47TA-182GA :: Fairy tea time (table)

+Half-Deer+ English Ivy [Full Set]@C88

{-Maru Kado-} Perfect day for laundry! set@TMD

{-MK-} Perfect day for laundry!_Clothes stand(8Li)
{-MK-} Perfect day for laundry!_Parasol hanger(10Li)
{-MK-} Perfect day for laundry!_Laundry basket(5Li)

[USB] - Smokers Chair (Adult)t@TMD

JIAN Chubby Cat Bird Bus (Wanderer - Rez me!) 9li


Your life becomes a masterpiece when you learn to master peace

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▷ --ANHELO-G05 @Arcade / Mar.
--ANHELO-G05-01-182GA : car RARE
--ANHELO-G05-09-182GA : flower speaker
--ANHELO-G05-13-182GA : table
--ANHELO-G05-05-182GA : bottle
--ANHELO-G05-11-182GA : camera bag
--ANHELO-G05-15-182GT : bonus item A
--ANHELO-G05-12-182GA : flash pkg
--ANHELO-G05-12-182GA : flash
--ANHELO-G05-10-182GA : instant camera
--ANHELO-G05-14-182GA : chair
--ANHELO-G05-12-182GA : fukafuka
--ANHELO-G05-08-182GA : shelf B
--ANHELO-G05-05-182GA : cutting board
--ANHELO-G05-04-182GA : gas stove
--ANHELO-G05-02-182GA : cooker
--ANHELO-G05-15-182GT : bonus item B
--ANHELO-G05-07-182GA : shelf A
--ANHELO-G05-06-182GA : water jug
--ANHELO-G05-03-182GA : dishes


Look # 461

Credits? Visit Yes Please! <3

Thank you all!

Here for Damon's version

This use to be my playground


Just remember to breath

only a Summer smell!
credits after rl work :P

Kimmy Rare™ – Décor

Appreciated the rez permission available on Meraki islands.

. Springtime mood .

Decor from ANHELO : Bike-M46BI and Fence M46FE available for Fifty Linden Fridays
My hair are from MINA : Sanne available at Fameshed