press release

Dear, blogger

Thank you for blogging! We are grateful for your support.

We rarely use event bloggers. Also, we do not send reviews individually to event bloggers. This is because we trust our blogger team and entrust everything to them. If you are interested in anhelo, please apply to our blogger team.


There seems to be many people from Facebook, but the guidelines for this application are always open information, bloggers are always full.

how to join anhelo blogger team

1. understand what we want

We think that blogger is the person who create new styles, express them with pictures, and send out to the world. People who have excellent skills but who do not have delivery methods, we think they are awesome photo enthusiasts, not bloggers. It is important how many people see your pictures.

We are pursuing reality in our own products. Therefore, we also ask for the reality of bloggers' pictures. We do not want unrealistic and avant-garde expression. If you want to know the reality we are seeking, please look at the slide show displayed above the homepage.

Photo retouching technology, knowledge of photography such as composition, focal length and depth of field are obviously necessary. Also, it is important what kind of world you assemble before taking pictures.

2. agree to our team rule

We anhelo determine the following blogger rule in order to carry out activities smoothly and promptly. At the time the blogger application is submitted to us, the blogger considers it to agree with this rule.

anhelo blogger team rule

  1. Contract bloggers will take pictures of anhelo's items clearly visible at least once a month and post them on flickr and blog. Pictures which are shown many stuffs and difficult to find anhelo are not counted.
  2. If it is difficult to use the newest work, you can use past one. In this case, show this SLURL (to anhelo main store) please.
  3. When 25th of every month, anhelo will contact the bloggers who have not posted yet in the month to see if there is a will to continue. When continuing, you must post before the end of the month.
  4. In case of difficulty in activities due to vacation, physical condition, or other reasons, you must promptly contact anhelo.
  5. As long as these rules are followed, anhelo will continue to provide works for bloggers when new products are announced. Also, if we receive a contact from blogger that past works are needed, anhelo will also provide that work as soon as possible.
  6. A blogger that does not fall under any of the above and whose update was not seen by the end of the month will be expelled on the last day of the month.

3. contact us

The manager is xxicoxx. Please make a contact with her by …

In RL reason, it is certain to use flickr mail.

We always need about 10 active bloggers. While contract bloggers meet that number, your application will be put on hold.

It is easy to know how many bloggers are currently on our team. Please check our homepage or the footer of each page.

4. start blogging

After you participate our team, we'll send you a blogger pack when we release new. And we use this website to publish press release.

When you receive a blogger pack, visit this page, get details, and start blogging please.

  • We don't use another in-world group.
  • After you make the first article, your blog will be crawled and shown in our homepage.
  • Please remember to bookmark this page!