M55 - postman motorcycle

M55 is a motorcycle used for mail delivery in Japan, called “MD90”

MD90 is not sold to the public, and many of disposal from the post offices are exported mainly to countries such as Southeast Asia to reuse. Only a few leftovers in Japan are traded at high prices among manias.

It seems that there are various differences depending on the model year. I think that my details are not accurate because I do not have much documents. As far as I can see, this is a pre-1998 model.

M55 Features

M55 is for decor only. It does not drive by itself. But I am developing a driving system for M55. I will announce the optional driving kit before long. Do you want to know the latest development status? See my twitter.

Dialog Operations

You can do some operations from the dialog 1).

Stand Menu

  • Left … Left blinker on / off
  • HeadLight … Headlight on / off
  • Right … Right blinker on / off
  • Reset … Restore its size to initial state — M55 works properly even after resized
  • [close] … Dialog closes
  • Stand … Change the status of the stand
    • Center … Hold the motorcycle using the center stand
    • Side … Hold the motorcycle using the side stand

Number plate customization

1,024 x 1,024 pixels blank texture is included to facilitate image processing. However, 512 x 512 pixels is enough for in-world. It is good to reduce before uploading. Make your own plate!

If you generate normal map — ex) NormalMap-Online, I recommend that 1,024 pixels.

BONUS ITEM for Uber March, 2019


This is an add-on that enables pose shooting with M55.

Step. 1

REZ this pack near M55

Step. 2

Right click M55 and choose Edit


Click this pack with pressing [Shift] key then object name changes to Multiple selection


Click [Link] button on your edit window


You do not see your box now. That is success. Let's sit on!

  • Both BENTO and Classic avatars
  • Resize the motorcycle if it is difficult to adjust the position

Resting 2

Resting 1

Driving 2

Driving 1

Future Plans

AnalogMatic - optional driving kit

As mentioned above, I am developing a driving system for M55. It will be similar to M28 - a cycle car and M30 - sidecar motorcycle. This kit does not include the motorcycle body. M55 is already designed to move properly, from the tires, handlebar, front and rear suspensions, to the pointer of the speed meter. You can watch some of them with M55 and bonus item.

Easy install. Same as Uber bonus item !

» more details 

Optional Add-On Luggages

Some people would like to drive with loading some luggages on the careers. In this motorcycle, the handlebar and front fork rotate. Also the front and rear suspensions move. Therefore, simply linking the objects will shift the position during driving. I plan to release optional parts that move following the movement of the motorcycle.

In addition, I will also present some scripts that you can link your own objects on your motorcycle.

Extra Poses, props and attachments

There is the possibility of releasing additional poses. It is also possible to include props and attachments as in F01 - la voiture de grand-pere.

This is an aside…

In the past, I thought about adding some poses to F01 later. However, because F01 incorporated poses directly into the vehicle body, it was difficult to add extra poses after releasing. This time I separated the motorcycle body and the posing system in order to enable adding later.

Now, do you want something for M55? Please tell me the scene you want to shoot.

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