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February 18, 2017
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This product was developed jointly by JCA1) and anhelo. We anhelo modeled and JCA scripted.

JCA undertakes sales and after-sales service. Please contact JCA instead of us for product inquiries.

about JCA

Takosu Coba
main store LM
Takosund (35, 48, 31)


easy flight operation

It has become a setting that emphasizes ease of maneuvering so that people who purchase airplanes can enjoy it for the first time.

VICE installed

VICE is one of the most popular combat systems in SecondLife.

also NO COMBAT model included

When flying in a battle prohibited area, you should use the NO COMBAT model.

texture customize


  1. You may use this texture pack only for customization with J.C.A Ki-43-2.
  2. You may sell or distribute your customize works but you MUST NOT sell my original textures.

How to use

  1. Download and unzip.
  2. Open diffuse map on your image processing software.
  3. Add new layer and deploy UV map over the diffuse map.
  4. Customize diffuse map.
  5. Hide UV map layer and save as less than 1024 x 1024 pixel image.
  6. Upload and modify your plane.


user manual

VICE / TCS combat system is installed

After the vice on or tcs on and speak out.
Place no matter where mouse pointer, left click.
Guns are fired.
VICE starts only ejects the empty cartridge.

said the Vice off or tcs off and stop the attack system.
Out smoke from the aircraft being shot down and lost control.
Because dialog is displayed 60 seconds after you select OK and can work again.

VICE / TCS system is not installed in the NC version (non-combat).
If you fly in a non-combat SIM, please.

seat position adjustment

After the click the rising-sun flag of the fuselage.
Please change the position of the seat, because the dialog is displayed select the Adjust.
if you decide once the seating position and return to the initial value.

Appear in the chat box to retain the position of the seat position and rotation
In the first line of the file copy and says aircraft interior configuration 0 location
Please save your paste.
Note that the offsets into space, such as position and sitting position.

For more information see the ability to customize the animation.

How to ride a plane!

Right click plane and select the FLY.

Brotherhood HUD to install ago boarding

SIM name having altitude, ground altitude, speed, through to the Middle bottom of the screen will be shown.

view switching

say C in chat switching dynamic cameras.

SIM crossing accidents in

At the start the engine to deal with accidents, PRIM temp.
The land to stop the engine, and removes temporary prim.

Guest mode function (NC only)

Once on board the said guest mode.
Can anyone boarding and flying after that.
After a guest mode if aircraft is no longer in five seconds.

When you rez one, only the owner can fly.

the engine cover of the show / hide feature

Click the propeller and engine cover display and non-display can change.
Please use it for display.

Canopy opening and closing function

Allows you to open and close just click canopy
You can also make opening and closing commands.

Cartridge discharge function (VICE only)

Empty cartridge is ejected from the left and right fuselage to fire a machine gun.
Enjoy the powerful combat.
TCS will not be discharged.

Ability to customize the animation!

you can change your position
Including the steering position, and seven position animated.

If you add or modify the animation to new one
see another note name is customisation guide

How to maneuver

Does not action by HUD to lighten as much as possible because this airplane is beyond the SIM at high speed.


Say a command in the open chat channel to operate.

engine starts and stops. (Directly off the stop engine)
flap closure. (Axis can be easily used for landing)
landing gear opening.
wheel brake and unlock.
dynamic camera transitions.
the opening of the canopy.
switching to m-Mouselook mode.
wing-tip light, tail light and interior light on or off.
guest mode operation.
tcs on
TCS attack system operating.
tcs off
TCS attack system outages.
vice on
VICE attack system operating.
vice off
VICE attack system outages.

control with keyboard

[left] / [right]
[up] / [down]
[Shift] + [left]
[Shift] + [right]
yaw (Will redirect left without aircraft)
[page up]
[page down]

32884988722_8372a1232c_m.jpg photo by Mos Kitoz

32188859214_7306858fea_m.jpg photo by Copycat Dexing

32971545486_ea85e4a3bd_m.jpg photo by ♥ Nekotto ♥

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